How to clean your dryer vent?

Dryer vent is a vent connected to a clothes dryer that is used to screen lint and remove exhaust. In the method of cleansing your clothes, a dryer consists of out the very last step of doing away with extra moisture from them. There are tons of service providers in the market right now but Dryer Vent Cleaning USA is promising dryer vent cleaning service providers around Tampa, FL. Despite best entering touch with smooth garments, the dryer does want a few cleansing of its very own from time to time, specifically in its air vent. A clogged dryer vent can give birth to several venting problems. The clothes in the dryer will not be able to dry properly leaving behind the musty smell in the clothes. Similarly, the lifespan of the appliance will reduce automatically as it has to work on high pressure. The extra effort utilized by the machine increases the bills of the energy. The irritating sound produced by the dryer can disturb the peace of the house. The proper procedure must be followed for a good dryer vent cleaning and there are a number of dryer vent cleaning kit available. But for the best and professional result a Professional dryer vent cleaning service provider would be a great choice for effectively helping you to be safe from these problems. Well the steps to clean your dryer vent yourself includes:-

  • Make sure you have all the equipments required,
  • Unplug and disconnect the duct properly.
  • Vacuum and clean inside the vent.
  • Connect the flexible rod from the dryer duct cleaning kit to the electric drill.
  • Carefully turn on the drill
  • Clean up the mess
  • Check the exterior vent
  • And then properly put the dryer back.


Necessary precautions while cleaning your dryer vent.

There are some necessary precautions that must be taken while cleaning your dryer vent. Clean the lint trap and dryer vents regularly. The lint trap can easily clean itself after each load. Dryer vents should be cleaned with a dryer pipe cleaner at least once a year. Schedule a professional dryer inspection. You can clean the dryer vents yourself. However, for greater convenience, safety and thoroughness, you can hire someone to clean the dryer vents. Professionals can clean all air ducts at the same time, so not only dryers but also HVAC ducts are clean and safe. It can also help replace dryer air ducts. I know the code. The person installing the dryer must be familiar with and comply with fire safety regulations. However, these codes can also be useful to you. You may want to make sure the vents are at least 4 inches in diameter, the vents are the same size as the dryer outlets, the exhaust ducts are 25 feet or less, the dryer outlets are facing out, and the fittings are tight to vent. won’t leak again. Do not leave the house with the dryer running. Don’t leave the oven or iron on when you’re not home? The same goes for dryers. So don’t forget to turn off the dryer before leaving.


Top 5 dryer vent cleaning equipment.

Well, there are various types of dryer vent cleaning equipments available and here are the top 5 among them all which are mostly preferred among the people nowadays:-

  1. Holikme 25 feet synthetic best dryer vent cleaning brush
  2. Sealengend dryer lint remover vacuum hose
  3. Gardus linteater dryer vent blockage removal tool
  4. Holikme dryer lint brush and cleaner
  5. 30 feet vent brush use with or without a power drill.

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