How to replace a hydraulic hose?

Hydraulic hoses are specialized hoses that may be used in a variety of commercial and industrial environments. Hydraulic hoses are usually made of flexible rubber or wire, and they include a sequence of layers that give them strength and longevity. An inner tube, a reinforced layer, and an exterior layer make up these layers. The aim of a hydraulic hose, like that of a garden hose, is to allow fluid to flow from one component to another, in this instance hydraulic fluid. The hose is the conduit that allows fluid to flow freely, and it’s an important aspect of keeping hydraulic systems running. In fact, a broken hydraulic hose may put whole production lines to a halt and shut down critical gear until the hose can be replaced. Well there are various types of hydraulic hose, they are:-

  • Braided hoses 
  • Multi-spiral hoses 
  • Low-pressure hoses 
  • Stainless steel wire-braided hoses 
  • Thermoplastic hydraulic hoses 

Since not all  hydraulic hose  are created equal, consulting with an expert who can find or design the most suited hose for your needs is essential when purchasing a new or replacement hydraulic hose. Well if you want to replace a hydraulic system by yourself but have no clue how to get it done, below mentioned are the ways to replace a hydraulic hose:-

  • First wear protective gloves and goggles
  • And make sure you have all the required equipment which includes a hydraulic hose crimper. ( Hydraulic hose crimper machines and tool sets facilitate the production of hydraulic hose assemblies in a timely and effective manner. Connect hoses and hose ends of various diameters with hydraulic hose crimp devices.)
  • Then remove the damaged hose.
  • Release all the hydraulic system pressure and don’t forget to put something underneath to avoid a mess.
  • Carefully remove any coverings that hinder the hose attachment.
  • Wash off and clean the connectors of the hose.
  • Then determine if the hose needs replacement and if required install a new hose.
  • And then you’re done with the process.

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Different factors influence the life of a hydraulic hose.

There are various factors which influence the life of a hydraulic hose which are mentioned below:-

  • The working pressure and impact pressure.
  • Inner diameter of the hose
  • Temperature range.
  • Compatibility to chemicals.

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